Tigers v The Gladiators

Legend Jason Crump has vowed to race himself back to fitness on his first visit to Glasgow in over 20 years.

The three-times World Champion will be the most decorated rider in history to take to the track at Ashfield Stadium tonight (Friday).

Plymouth superstar Crump is recovering from a horror crash and eight broken ribs a month ago and admitted: “I’ve just got to ride myself back into a bit of fitness and a bit of form, it’s as simple as that.

“I need to be in the team for Plymouth, or pull a pin on it altogether. I need to be getting meetings in or I’m letting my clubs down. 

“It might be a few meetings before things click into place but hopefully not too long. I definitely feel better every day and feel better having raced on Monday night. So I don’t think I’m far away from being fit.

“It’s been difficult for Ipswich, the way the fixtures work in the top league it’s difficult to get guests, it’s frustrating for them and also for me. We’ve had to deal with it and I honestly feel the best way for me to be right again is to be riding.”

Crump was last in Glasgow to help open the circuit back to speedway in a blizzard at the start of the 1999 season for a Scottish Sun sport story.

He added: “I remember doing a few wheelies in the snow. The stadium has come a long way since then. I’ve heard the good reports and seen a few races, it looks like a well run club and track. 

“I’m looking forward to returning with Plymouth and I’m hoping the weather is a bit better than the last time!”

A live stream for the meeting is available to purchase here: https://tv.glasgowtigers.co.uk/

Story: Phil Lanning

Image credit: Taylor Lanning Photography.