Introducing the 2020 Plymouth Gladiators




Alfie Bowtell



Alfie Bowtell


Date of Birth: 23 January 1997, Chelmsford, Essex.
British Career: (2015) Rye House II; (2016) Mildenhall; (2017) Newcastle, Lakeside; (2018) Lakeside; (2019) Eastbourne; (2020) Plymouth.




Richard Andrews



Richard Andrews


Date of Birth:  6 May 1992, Tiverton, Devon.
British Career: (2009) Newport II; (2010) Weymouth; (2011) Newport II; (2012) Buxton, Stoke; (2014) Devon; (2015) Eastbourne; (2016) Cradley, Eastbourne; (2017-20) Plymouth.
Club Honours: National Trophy winner: 2015 [Eastbourne]; Gold Cup winner: 2015 [Eastbourne]; Knock-Out Cup winner: 2015 [Eastbourne].




Nathan Stoneman



Nathank Stoneman


Date of Birth: 27 September 1996, Cardiff, South Glamorgan, Wales.
British Career: (2012-13) Mildenhall; (2016) Isle of Wight; (2017) Sheffield, Kent; (2018) Kent; (2019) Birmingham, Somerset, Plymouth; (2020) Somerset, Plymouth.
Club Honours: League Championship winner: 2012.

Major Honour: British 500cc Champion: 2011.




Henry Atkins



Henry Atkins


Date of Birth: 2 January 2001, Exeter, Devon.
British Career: (2016) Coventry II; (2017-18) Plymouth; (2019) Somerset, Mildenhall; (2020) Plymouth.
Major Honours:  British 125cc Champion: 2011.






Sheldon Davies



Sheldon Davies


Date of Birth: 31 December 2000, Wombwell, South Yorkshire.
British Career: (2018) Birmingham; (2019) Cradley; (2020) Plymouth.






Aaran Butcher



Arran Butcher


Date of Birth:  30 November 2000, Barwell, Leicestershire.
British Career: (2018) Birmingham, Stoke; (2019) Mildenhall; (2020) Plymouth






7th Gladiator to be announced shortly





The 7th Gladiator will be announced shortly.

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British Career: 




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Team Manager: Mattie Bates


Team Mascot: Zack Davey


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