Gladiators 90th Anniversary Meeting update

As you will know by now the 90th Anniversary meeting will be staged on the 7th September 2021 which also coincides with the Plymouth Speedway Golf Day being held at the China Fleet Club with 9 teams of 4 players looking for glory and an auction for those who are playing, all golf players are also guests of the club for the showcase meeting of the season.

The meeting will be a 12 rider individual meeting including the 2021 Gladiators, Henry Atkins if his run out next week rules him fit to ride along with guest riders Mark will invite. The format will be 12 qualifying heats with 3 finals C, B and A. This means that every rider will be in a final based on their points from the heats, some of you may remember this was the format for the Grand Prix’s when they first started.

Mike Atkins has been very busy setting up the Golf Day and arranging sponsors for the 90th Anniversary meeting due to the recent fixture change.

The meeting will be sponsored by Bridge Motorcycles, the Exeter based family run premier Motorcycle dealers who have been a massive support to many speedway riders over the years and currently support Jason Crump and Henry Atkins.

The 15 Heat Sponsors have all been reserved and they will have their names against the heat they have chosen in the programme with a guaranteed 90th Anniversary programme for their support.

The Advertising Sponsors will have a large advert, 90th Anniversary programme and a Race Jacket with their name or business name on the back, there are still 2 places still available (speak to Mike). Mike has also secured a Heat sponsor for the A final (Sean Wilkinson of Thermohome Ltd) and looking for 2 sponsors who would like to help support the B and C finals.

Mike has also secured 2 valuable framed and certified photos of Bjarne Perdersen and Jason Crump in the colours of the 2021 Plymouth Gladiators which will be signed by the rider’s courtesy of Paul Lamcraft from Exeter who help make the Christmas lip sync video.

These will be on show this Tuesday when the gladiators take on the Newcastle Diamonds when Mike will walk them round the track before the meeting for the fans to see.

The 2 framed Pictures and 12 signed race jackets will be auctioned details to be released (time and weather permitting).

Image Credit: Dan Westlake