Brummies gain revenge over Gladiators

The Plymouth Westcolour Gladiators slipped to their most disappointing defeat of the season in their Jubilee League Competition Southern section fixture at Birmingham last night. 

On a difficult track, where fast starts were vital for most of the meeting, the Westcolour Gladiators fought manfully but struggled to match the scoring power of injured Danish Star Michael Palm Toft using the Rider Replacement facility.

The final scoreline was 52-38 to a Brummies team who were superbly led by Josh Pickering in as a Guest for their long-term injury victim Josh Auty, further Birmingham Guest Riders, Jason Edwards who was covering for reserve James Shanes who was absent Long track Racing in Europe and Paco Castagna, replacing the missing Claus Vissing who is withholding his services both scored 7 points and in the case of Edwards in particular proved far more effective than Shanes would have been based on his most recent form. 

The remaining four actual Brummies riders were led by Justin Sedgeman, who used the conditions to his advantage with a series of fast starts and some nice overtakes when necessary to score 13 points.

It was very much a case for the Westcolour Gladiators that they met opponents who clicked on the night with all of the cards in their favour. Westcolour gladiators own Guest, Erik Riss, covering for long term injury victim Edward Kennett was outstanding for the Gladiators scoring 14 points and with Ben Barker again offering excellent support with another double figure points return, the use of Rider Replacement for Palm Toft was compromised by the fact that Hans Anderson, Alfie Bowtell and Ben Morley fell a little bit below their recent excellent form, on a night when their usual consistency was needed to cover for the ailing Danish rider.

It continues to be frustrating for the Westcolour Gladiators to have lost one of their inform talismen to an injury caused by the hard and possibly dangerous riding of an opponent. The Westcolour gladiators will be hoping that Palm Toft may be available for two Jubilee League matches in the next week. 

The difference in the scores was reflected by the fact that Palm Toft’s 4 rides yielded just 3 points when MPT would usually have been expected to score 8 or 9 points from those rides and the Westcolour Gladiators were out-scored by 11 points to 3 points at reserve, mainly due to the outstanding current form of Jason Edwards. 

The nature of the competition means that the ultimate winners of the Group may be decided on aggregate scores and with the Westcolour Gladiators winning at Home against the Brummies on Tuesday night by 57 points to 32 , they already hold what may turn out to be a very handy 11 point aggregate match point lead over the Brummies. 

This ensures that next Tuesdays grudge clash against nearest rivals The Poole Pirates, against whom Michael Palm Toft was injured, takes on extra significance and the Club will be looking for maximum support for South West Speedway fans to once again create the special Coliseum atmosphere that has been such a part of the clubs home success this season and will be hoping that Palm Toft will be fit and ready to take his place in the engine room of the Team.

Tickets which are available on the Night of the Match by Cash and Card are also available in advance by Online Booking, and with a bumper crowd expected in the current lovely weather, early Booking, which is the only way to guarantee a Seat in the NHS Stand  is recommended as the VIP Stand has already SOLD OUT.

A reminder that Kids Under 16 GO FREE at all Fixtures at the Coliseum and with School Term winding down we look forward to a massive turn out also for the Childrens very popular Running Race(s) that take part during the Interval of the Meeting, with a small free gift for ALL who take part and the chance to run around the hallowed shale!.

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Birmingham = 52

1. Josh Pickering (G) 2, 3, 3, 1′, 3 = 12+1

2. Stefan Nielsen 1′, 1, 3, 1 = 6+1

3. Paco Castagna (G) 2, 0, 3, 2 = 7

4. Ashley Morris 1′, 1, 1, Fx = 3+1

5. Justin Sedgmen 3, 3, 3, 2, 2′ = 13+1

6. Jason Edwards (G) 3, 1, 1, 2 = 7

7. James Pearson 2′, 1, 1, 0 = 4+1

Plymouth = 38

1. Ben Barker 3, 2′, 2, 3, 0 = 10+1

2. Alfie Bowtell 0, 2, 0, 3 = 5

3. Erik Riss (G) 3, 3, 2, 2, 3, 1 = 14

4. Michael Palm Toft R/R (HM 0, HA 0, BM 0, AB 3 = 3)

5. Hans Andersen 2, 2, 0, 2, 0 = 6

6. Ben Morley 1, 0, 0, 0, 0, 1, 1 = 3

7. Harry McGurk 0, 0, 0 = 0

Plymouth win toss and take 1 and 3 in Heat 1

Heat Results

Heat 01: Barker, Pickering, Nielsen, Bowtell 3-3 59.25

Heat 02: Edwards, Pearson, Morley, McGurk 5-1 8-4 60.91

Heat 03: Riss, Castagna, Morris, McGurk 3-3 11-7 60.41

Heat 04: Sedgmen, Andersen, Pearson, Morley 4-2 15-9 60.32

Heat 05: Riss, Barker, Morris, Castagna 1-5 16-14 61.00

Heat 06: Pickering, Andersen, Nielsen, Morley 4-2 20-16 58.91

Heat 07: Re-run Sedgmen, Riss, Edwards, Andersen 4-2 24-18 60.63

Heat 08: Nielsen, Bowtell, Pearson, Morley 4-2 28-20 61.75

Heat 09: Castagna, Andersen, Morris, McGurk 4-2 32-22 61.84

Heat 10: Pickering, Riss, Nielsen, Morley 4-2 36-24 60.19

Heat 11: Sedgmen, Barker, Edwards, Bowtell 4-2 40-26 62.12

Heat 12: Riss, Castagna, Morley, Pearson 2-4 42-30 61.47

Heat 13: Barker, Sedgmen, Pickering, Andersen 3-3 45-33 61.34

Heat 14: Re-run Bowtell, Edwards, Morley 2-4 47-37 62.93

Heat 15: Pickering, Sedgmen, Riss, Barker 5-1 52-38 62.0

Courtesy of Speedway Updates

Image Credit: Jon Sproad